Be an Expert in Speaking, Reading & writing Urdu

  • Video based learning

    This is a uniquely developed course combinning the benefits of Video learning, expert one on one coaching sessions with gamification strategies and advanced language learning technologies. KAZ School will help in learning Urdu quickly and effectively

  • Innovative Teaching Method

    In the modern age, we need innovative teaching methods to spark interest to learn the language concepts. KAZ school is the platform that uses multiple innovative teaching techniques to attract especially young generation towards language learning by making it easy, fun & interesting. Our teachers, fluent in urdu as well as english, are expert in explaining different challenging concepts and removing language barriers

  • Promising Results

    Especially designed curriculum with modern tools & technologies enables learner to focus on common phrases, core language concepts, techniques of sentence formation. In addition to this repetition & regular practice with our hard working teachers, develop ability in learner to take part in conversations not in years but in days

  • Best practices

    Practice of real conversations, Using video Chatbot technology & live regular sessions with fluent in urdu & english teachers along with world class tried & tested exclusive course. Lock-in knowledge using a unique repetition system, KAZ School Coaches use tested and effective intervals for repetition that will help learner to quickly & effectively learn new language that not only boosts confidence but encourages to start longer interesting conversations with relatives, friends or coworkers

Course curriculum

Pricing options

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