Learn about Key Personalities involved in Event of Karbala

  • Video-based Course

    This is complete self-paced Video based course to inspire and encourage young learners to introduce them to the stories of different personalities involved in event of Karbala.

  • Innovative Teaching Method

    The course uses innovative teaching methods and techniques to engage young learners to understand conceptually true Islamic values.

  • Amazing Results

    I think the courses are really well designed. My Son is learning so much; the lessons are so full of gems that kids constantly learn new things and ideas keep coming to me as a parent. Madeeha Bokhari, California.

Course curriculum

Pricing options

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Unique Learning Experience

KAZ School offers all people across all ages the opportunity to learn about shi’a Islam with its amazing informative videos and knowledge to share I recommend to all people who want to learn about Islam use this great online school. It’s often difficult to find information about shi’a Islam but thanks to this online school it’s made it very easy and exciting to learn so much knowledge

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