Prayers are pillars of Islam

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    This is a unique Video-based course that will help to encourage and inspire young learners to learn about Prayers (Namaz) in detail. Videos help young learners to spark their imagination and creativity and help them learn difficult concepts in a much easier manner. KAZ School has been awarded as 'FUTURE OF ISLAMIC EDUCATION' by Al-Mustafa International University Qom, Iran

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    In the modern age we need innovative teaching methods to spark interest in the young generation to learn about the treasure named Islam. KAZ school is the platform that uses multiple innovative teaching techniques to attract the young generation and make different Islamic concepts and history easier for them to learn.

  • Amazing Results

    "Kaz School offers all people across all ages the opportunity to learn about Shi'a Islam with its amazing informative videos and knowledge to share I recommend to all people who want to learn about Islam use this great online school. It’s often difficult to find information about Shi'a Islam but thanks to this online school it’s made it very easy and exciting to learn so much knowledge. Jacob Ali Brown (A revert and KAZ School Community Member)

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An amazing online tool to learn true values of Shia Islam!

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