Reflect on the wealth of knowledge and wisdom in the words of Allah Subhanhu wta'aala

  • Quran is for Guidance

    The Qur'an is, accordingly, a guidance, an evidence, a discrimination between right and wrong and a manifest light for the people to guide them aright and help them in all their needs. Is it imaginable that it would not guide them aright in its own matter, while it is their most important need? Again Allah says: “And (as for) those who strive hard for Us, We will most certainly guide them onto Our ways”. (29:69). Which striving is greater than the endeavor to understand His Book? And which way is more straight than the Qur'an?

  • Quran vanishes ignorance

    the Qur'an determines its goal to be the breaking of the chains of ignorance, misguidance, moral and social corruption and destruction, or in other words, to dissipate all sorts of ‘darkness’ and to guide humanity in the direction of ‘justice, goodness and light’.

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    Let us start by reflecting upon what Qur’an has to say about itself. The Qur'an introduces itself as the guidance for the worlds (3:96); and the manifest light (4:174). According to Qur’an, Allah has laid down solution of every human problem in the Qur’an very clearly. Qur’an says: “and We have revealed the Book to you explaining clearly everything (16:89)

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